A huge number of buyers has purchased property in Noida. Many people are having new bookings, many of them are having property on cash down payment and many have on construction linked plans. Builders have literally looted the buyers. Noida Authority is playing a dummy role and keeping silence on disputes. Builders have done violation of UP apartment act which is not possible without the knowledge of Noida Authority. So one can easily understand what kind of joint ventures are going on.

On the other hand, reach of Allahabad High Court is not easy for all. UP is a big state and there are many cases in Allahabad. On the other hand it is very difficult to find a good Advocate to whom we can trust easily. A Number of Advocates have very less knowledge and without understanding the case, they are fighting cases /otherwise working jointly with opposite party’s Advocate.

One more issue there in Allahabad High Cout is the entry in the Court and entry for Court Room. There are large queues for passes. If you’re the timing for your case is 10.30 it is very difficult to enter in the Court Room with your Advocate because there is a big queue for pass and it is not clear when you will get the pass. It may be on time or after the case proceedings. It is very difficult also to build trust on your Advocate. The Advocates there may join hands with the opponent party’s advocate.

We have gone through all such kind of situations and are also been cheated by our Advocate in a case which was against the Builder. Our Advocate made joined hands with the builder (our opponent) and we could not know about this as we simply trusted him and did not personally attend the court date. Keeping in view all such things, we decided to start Liasoning of Allahabad Cases. We identify some good Advocates there and formed a team with local advocates and also decided to attend the all the court dates in person along with the Advocates for our clients cases.