Buying property is not an easy task. A good consultant should be in between you and your buying. Who must have the legal knowledge as well as contacts with competative authorities for document verifications etc.We provide the complete solutions.

Tips to follow while buying property

Ownership documents of the property have to be clear and property title should be clear.

If the property is old, there could be siblings who may have a share. Take the help of a lawyer / Legal person to scrutinise the property documents and ensure there are no ownership problems.

Try to get local civic body-approved plans. This may be available only for new constructions. Old buildings may not have any sanctioned plans.

Check whether the seller is selling property on the authority of a power of attorney. Check on the power of attorney to see if it is authentic. One way of doing this is to enquire from owner to confirm whether he or she has issued a power of attorney and in whose name.

Check whether local laws allow you to buy property or not.?

Check with the local authority, whether the property is likely to be acquired for building of roads or for some other public utility.

Whether the seller is genuine or not can be gauged from the following:

To see his / her readiness to give documents for scrutiny and willingness to register the sale deed with the sub-registrar.

On giving Token Money You / Your representative should take photocopies of the following:

All original documents, including the entire trail of ownership documents, should be taken in your possession.

This includes the power of attorney also.

Original documents pertaining to electrical connections and property taxes are necessary. If the property is old, the seller may not be able to produce them. In that case, take the last two paid and receipted electricity bills and property tax bills etc..