India is a country where the appreciation in property is always remarkable. Due to changes in the ruling government in the recent years, there has been a slowdown in the sale/purchase of Real Estate Sector. But in the long run, the investment in this sector is safe and secure. NRI’s always keep their interest to invest their valuable money in India for better prospects. From the Government’s side, there are no obstacles in the way of the NRI’s to make profits from business in India in this Industry. The Government encourages the NRIs to invest their money not only in Real estate industry rather in other Industries too.

NRIs are keen to invest their foreign Currency in Indian property market which they can further buy/sell this property for the best capital value appreciation. This is true also because appreciation of real estate in India is much higher as compared to the growth of Real Estate Industries in other countries.

GLOBAL LINKERS has been serving to specialized Real estate requirements for NRIs who are contemplating property investments in India. Our NRI Investment database servicing professionals with expertise in NRI realty services will help you transact the best deals for your real estate needs in Delhi and NCR.

GLOBAL LINKERS provides the following services for NRI’s who want to buy/sell their property in Delhi and NCR

1. Searches suitable property in required location as per budget / Searches prospective buyer matching the cost demand by seller.

2. Investigate the all legalities appropriate to such property and ensure the client for the same.

3. To provide the professional support in case the Loan is required from Financial Institution or Bank / Analyses the payments arrangement of client.

4. Manage the process of power of attorney in Delhi and NCR

5. Manage the whole event of selling and buying from showing property till registration, possession and documents(Registry) delivery to buyers

6. Leasing of the Property

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