Sale purchase of clear title property : Flats. Plots, Commercial Space, Office Space, Company Transfers etc.
Original Booking : for upcomming projects.
Society Memberships (CGHS)
Society memberships (Private)
Rental Service

Manage Customer Visit:

We usually manage the customer visit to watch the destined places by sending our staff member along with the clients. The staff member uses his own conveyance to show various places. But as we have experienced there are certain clients who seem to find out about the market trends and don’t appear to be serious clients. In such cases, we request/ask the clients to bring along their own conveyance to enjoy Dwarka visit.

Inspection of projet:

We give the privilege to our clients to inspect the property properly before buying and understand the various terms & conditions that may be applicable while selling the property.

Manage Meetings:

After inspection and approval from buyer, we manage further meetings as per scheduled time and place in mutual understanding.

Inspection of Property Docs:

While a deal may get finalized, we provide appropriate help to our client in inspecting the property documents. In case there is some thing wrong/ missing, we provide useful guidance to both the parties to furnish complete property documents.

Prize Negotiation:

Prize negotiation is an important factor for both the parties (seller / buyer). We play an important role here to satisfy both the parties and help them to finalize a prize that is suitable for both the parties.

Sale / Purchase Agreement:

We provide free professional support to prepare the document “AGREEMENT TO SELL”. The overall cost for drafting the sale documents and managing other allied documents is incurred by GlobalLinkers.

Home Loan Support:

GlobalLinkers has a tie up with some good banking agencies who provide on demand “Home Loan support”. There is no extra charge on behalf of GlobalLinkers for this.

Manage Documents:

For clients who take Home Loan for purchasing the flat, we provide them total support to prepare the documents as per Bank’s Check List. These documents may be from seller or from the society.

Documenttation Support:

Documentation is an important event of every sale and purchase. We have a separate team for this. They draft documents with the help of Legal expert and they provide A TO Z guidance and support from inception to the execution of the sale and releasing the final documents from the authority. We hand over the final documents of sale/purchase to the appropriate parties.


After completing sale and Purchase procedure we help the client to take physical possession of the property.

Lease Hold to Freehold:

We provide professional support to convert the property from Lease hold to Freehold. We have tie ups with professional agents who look after this job


After sale purchase, the buyer needs to get the property mutated from MCD. We provide professional support for mutation.

Renting Services and House Care Taking:

We provide the renting services, Includes:

  • Publish apartment/homes for rent
  • Performed verification of interested tenants
  • Send scan copy to NRI for his/her agreement/signature
  • Ensure that monthly rent deposit at given account
  • Regular visit ensure that applied bills are paid timely to avoid any hassles in future
    Responsible for paid dues during tenant change
  • Provide maintenance facility in nominal charges with own staff (electrician, plumber, white wash etc.) to obtain better rent.
  • Contract agreement includes that vacating flat/home would responsibility of renting services based on agreed terms and conditions between tenants and landlord.

Post Sale Services:

After sale buyer is always keen for renovation of the property. We understand the requirement of the client and we provide renovation services accordingly. We always try to provide renovation services at very economical and competitive prize.